Květen 2016

let's start over (k-drama reviews)

3. května 2016 v 19:05 | Liz |  reviews
.. for the hundreth fucking time.

I just can't keep a consistent track of thoughts. I deleted my old posts because I don't want people to see how embarassing I was half a year ago so yeah. Well, when I look back at the blog, or this particular post, in like two months I'm pretty I'll be like 'the fuck is this'.


I've been watching k-dramas lately. They're actually really good, although they are all essentially about a heterosexual couple and sappy romance. Well, it's hard to find ones that are interesting - I need violence, blood, suffering, or at least a tragic backstory. And the main actor has to be hot. And there should be just enough bromance between two male characters to make me question whether I really want to ship the main straight couple.