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.. for the hundreth fucking time.

I just can't keep a consistent track of thoughts. I deleted my old posts because I don't want people to see how embarassing I was half a year ago so yeah. Well, when I look back at the blog, or this particular post, in like two months I'm pretty I'll be like 'the fuck is this'.


I've been watching k-dramas lately. They're actually really good, although they are all essentially about a heterosexual couple and sappy romance. Well, it's hard to find ones that are interesting - I need violence, blood, suffering, or at least a tragic backstory. And the main actor has to be hot. And there should be just enough bromance between two male characters to make me question whether I really want to ship the main straight couple.


And one of these is Descendants of the Sun. That already ended like two weeks ago, but it is still quite recent. It tells the story of a doctor and a special forces soldier (guess who's the guy and who's the girl), along with a side couple of an army doctor and fellow soldier. When it's about the army, there's bound to be blood, violence and near-death experiences. No spoilers for you, but let's just say that episode 15 ruined me. It's really good.

Another one is Blood. This one is about a vampire who's also a surgeon. Health and safety issues much? Well, his parents got killed by vampires - still don't know why because I didn't get that far - and they're still looking for him and trying to kill him even now. He lives with his best friend, who made medicine for him so he can supress his need from blood and earn lots of money as a doctor so they can both have nice things. Even though he was born in the 70's or something, the guy - Park Ji Sang - still looks young (and super hot), so his fellow colleagues (when he gets hired at a hospital that apparently has data about his parents' death and the virus they contracted) find it a bit suspicious, that he's such a good doctor, and so young at the same time. Romance happen between him and a female doctor, the niece of the hospital chairman, blah blah. But it's fun, with lots of fighting and Ji Sang's existential crisis because his medicine doesn't work anymore, so each time he's performing surgery it's very frustrating to watch.

Aand the drama that I'm (binge)watching right now is called It's Okay That's Love. Yes, the title is slightly off-putting, but if you're interested in psychology, or are a psychology student like me, I'm sure you'll love this. Plus, the main couple is actually kind of cute. So, the main character is a famous writer who has OCD, who meets a psychiatrist, who is something like asexual (well, has phobia of sex) because of childhood trauma (her mother cheated on her father). Actually, every character in this drama has some form of mental disability. I think I'm mentally ill as well, after watching it. The writer and psychiatrist become unexpected flatmates, and they fall in love. His older brother spent 14 years in prison after being wrongly accused of murdering his stepfather (when actually, the writer - Jae Yeol - stabbed him in self-defense, and his mother then started a fire which killed the stepfather). Three years before the setting of the story, that is, the meeting of the two main characters, Jae Yeol's brother is set free from prison, and stabs Jae Yeol with a fork on his birthday party. Ever since then, Jae Yeol has been showing symptoms of schizophrenia - he hallucinated a younger version of himself, with the intention of killing himself using that hallucination, save his younger self and die. He wasn't aware that the hallucination wasn't real, and it was only when the psychiatrist - Hae Soo - along with the colleagues diagnosed Jae Yeol with schizophrenia. Kudos for D.O from EXO, from plays Jae Yeol's younger self. It's heart breaking to see Jae Yeol's state worsen along with his state, especially when he gets hospitalized and begs Jae Yeol to let him go. That's as far as I got. It's super super good, and along with Jae Yeol, there are many other patients with interesting illnesses. It also shows how people view the mentally ill as being crazy, and they have no understanding - Jae Yeol's OCD wasn't positively received by any other woman he's been with before Hae Soo.

I really recommend all of these for anyone, they're available online with English subs.

Well, that was that. Also check out BTS' new song bc it's on fire. hehe.

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