EXO's comeback aka this brought me back to life

12. června 2016 v 20:15 | Liz
I have.. resurfaced.

I don't even know when the last time I posted was. Like.. April? May? Yeah, I had a pretty hard couple of months because of exams, and I was busy with.. watching youtube videos. Heh. BUT any the way the main of this article is EXO's fucking comeback oh my goooood where do I even begin I love all of the-

S. First of all, the teaser pictures came out. That was around two weeks ago. The Lucky One ones were already good, I mean, Jongin's blond hair gives me life, but I was much more excited for Monster, and the pictures came out when I was out so I saw them in the evening and it hit me like a fucking truck because they all looked so hot??? And then the album cover came and SM was like 'here's a riddle for you :)))' and people were like 'EXO Act 3'? or 'guys it spells out Tao'.

AND THEN the MV teasers. With Lucky One I was like ok this beat is funky but, like, not that exciting tbh. With Monster, I nearly died when I saw the teaser, and then I proceeded to watch it 524 more times. I already saw the leaked dance practice before, so originally I thought the song was going to be all in English.

We watched Lucky One on college. I asked to get out of my exam half an hour earlier because I was finished anyway. At exactly four pm, the video came out. Basically everyone was screaming about their bias, and I was screaming about everyone in general. So, after that, we were like 'hey has Monster come out yet?', because SM said everything's coming out at 0.00 KST. Of course SM are sneaky rats so it came out an hour earlier.

Oh my god can we talk about the Monster MV like oh my god so many feels. That is like, the best MV in the whole history of music. EXO topped EXO again, when you thought they couldn't better they did, and reached 11 million views in three days when will your faves ever.

OK bye this was just a little rant and I just really love EXO

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